WallBo is a social venture with a global mission to revolutionise handwashing for children in schools with our social robot WallBo. WallBo is world’s first portable social robot that can encourage, monitor and teach handwashing for children in schools.

WallBo’s story and journey- by founder Dr Amol Deshmukh

Saving lives one hand wash at a time!

What can WallBo do?

WallBo will teach, encourage, and monitor handwashing for school children in a fun and
engaging way using behavioural science and artificial intelligence.


WallBo will boost hand washing compliance by 40%, reduce germ transmission, prevent spread of COVID-19, save healthcare costs, and save lives!


WallBo can contribute up to 60-fold return on investment annually on healthcare costs in the UK alone.

Coming soon to a school near you. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

Making hand washing fun and enjoyable